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HFNY Advocacy Resources

HFNY vision for 2016:

All New York counties are funded to receive HFNY home visiting services.

Advocacy goals for 2016:

  • All legislators receive HFNY information.
  • Direct relationship with all HF site district Representatives and Senators.
  • Key relationships with legislative leadership and second floor.
  • Site level policy-maker relationships built and reinforced.
  • Achieve additional $4.5 Million in HF state funding.

Download our one-pager on the impact of flat funding on program sites and families.

Additional funding expands availability to families in currently unserved areas of the state and expands funding to enhance existing services related to adult and infant mental health, post-natal depression, and community coordination.

The videos below were made to assist you in your efforts to make the case for HFNY. Use them in your meeting with legislators, policy-makers, the media and anyone else you're talking to about the terrific work being done in the program.


Additional resources for advocates: