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Giving Kids a Healthy, Successful Future: Prevent Child Abuse New York

Our prosperity as a state and nation is built on a foundation of healthy child development. Creating communities where families can access an array of supports and resources to address the social, emotional and physical health of their children is the best way to combat child abuse.


We’re working toward a statewide commitment to the healthy development and successful futures of New York’s kids, families and communities.


We promote efforts to develop, improve and expand quality services and effective policies to prevent child abuse and neglect and enhance child development.


Prevent Child Abuse New York provides leadership and works with state and local officials to develop laws and programs that protect children.


We partner with dozens of organizations across the state to train thousands of volunteers and professionals to support parents and families. And we help people find parenting courses, support groups, medical and legal aid and abuse treatment.


Prevent Child Abuse New York is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1980, as the Federation on Child Abuse and Neglect.


We believe:

Children are the foundation of a sustainable and prosperous society.

All children have the right to safe, secure and supportive environments.

All parents have the right to the support and knowledge that child rearing demands.

Child abuse prevention requires strengthening families and communities.


PCANY's position statements:

Promoting Effective and Nurturing Parenting (pdf)

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (pdf)

Preventing Neglect (pdf)

Preventing Physical Abuse (pdf)

Preventing Emotional Abuse (pdf)


Our mission:

To prevent child abuse in all its forms so all children may live in families that love, nurture and protect them