Promises for Prevention

Promises for Prevention is a pledge campaign that does not solicit money. Instead, it solicits promises, asking individuals to pledge to do something tangible to help parents.

Pledge cards can be distributed at presentations, informal gatherings, community meetings, public displays, or through print or online media. The cards can be used as an educational hand-out or returned to a Promises for Prevention campaign leader for counting and publicizing.

Sample pledges:

  • Offer to baby-sit so parents can get a break.
  • Arrange a weekly or bi-weekly play date so parents can discuss experiences or problems while the kids play.
  • If you are a grandparent, take a different grandchild each week to relieve some pressure on their parents.
  • If you are a supervisor, encourage flex- and comp-time arrangements so parents can deal with daily child-care and emergencies without the stress of workplace repercussions.
  • If you are a preschool teacher, establish informal monthly meetings for parents to trade tips on parenting and schooling.
  • Canvass members of a club to find people available to provide babysitting for children under 2.
  • Be a good listener for the parents you know. Let them talk about their trials and triumphs.
  • If you are a doctor or work at a doctor's office, locate and distribute literature on children's health issues and activities.
  • Work with a PTA to create a parenting class and offer babysitting for parents to help them attend.
  • Offer rides to neighborhood children's activities.
  • Volunteer as a big brother or club leader to help kids and give parents some free time.